Thought Leadership

Webinar Series: Money Matters

By Linshuang Lu

Money Matters Webinar Series

These three webinars, created for the APIAHF learning
community, cover three areas of financial management for nonprofits: basic
financial literacy, effective financial governance for board members and
financial management for program staff.

Webinar 1: Understanding Financial Statements

This webinar is a basic introduction to different types of
financial statements and accounting methods, key financial concepts, and
recognition of common financial terms.

Listen to this webinar to improve your:

Ability to distinguish between different types of financial
statements and accounting methods
Understanding of key financial concepts from the balance
sheet and income statement
Recognition of common financial terms
Ability to ask critical questions about financial

Webinar 2: Enhancing the Financial Stewardship of the Board

This webinar:

Reviews the roles and responsibilities of board, staff and
committees as they relate to financial governance
Provides practical tips on how to better improve financial
governance at the board level, including areas such as communication, long-term
planning, budgeting and monitoring.

Webinar 3: Financial Management for Program Staff

This webinar is designed for program directors and program staff
of nonprofit organizations so that they can:

Better understand how financial strength supports mission
Learn how to assess and enhance the financial viability and
mission alignment of their programs
Improve their ability to budget and monitor their programs,
including understanding overhead allocations
Learn how to better communicate financial information to
staff, ED, board and other stakeholders

Originally Published In:
The Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum(APIAHF) online learning community