My Favorite Lipsticks

My Favorite Lipsticks


Lancome’s Spring Fling Juicy Tube lip gloss used to be my jam in middle and high school.  Looking back, I can’t remember why.  It was so sticky that I remember fearing running the mile because I knew my hair would get stuck in it.

Thankfully, my taste in lip products has evolved and I no longer like my lips to look like saran wrap.  I now prefer lipsticks for their color pay off and versatility.  I love that lipsticks can be worn straight from the tube for a classic full coverage look or you can use your fingers to create a stained effect.  If i’m really felling myself i’ll dab some of the color on my cheeks!

Some of my fave lipsticks are . . .

  1. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil these pencils combine a lipstick and a lipliner all in one.  The color selection is great and they are really long wearing.

2. Elizabeth Street Cosmetics is a lipstick only brand based in San Francisco.  All of the lipsticks are named after streets in the             city.  One of my most used colors of all time is Noe.  It’s the perfect your lips but better color.

3.  MAC makes some of the most iconic lipsticks of all time.  There lipsticks come in hundreds of colors and all different types               of finishes.  They’re also really affordable which means you can buy a lot more for your buck!